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The Deliberately You Experience

Our tailored approach champions clients to make the desired enhancements, changes and growth that align with their values. Together, we co-create a solution that addresses specific  transitions, challenges, needs, and interests.

Discovering Endless Possibilities Together

When choosing to consult with Deliberately You, clients have the opportunity to grow and develop through:
  • Optimizing performance and recognizing individual potential.
  • Identifying, recognizing, and using your strengths toward a solution that best suits your needs. 
  • Becoming more agile and resilient for a healthier approach to challenges and changes. 
  • Learning to create productive and healthy conflict strategies. 
  • Elevating your communication skills with clarity for a more constructive conversation. 
  • Developing into the type of leader you always aspired to be.
  • Cultivating meaningful trusting relationships.

Meet Sarah Viana

Sarah is the founder of Deliberately You, our consulting and coaching company rooted in Buffalo, New York with a national reach.

Forever enamored with the diverse passions and pursuits of the people she met throughout her life, Sarah decided to found Deliberately You in order to consult with businesses and individuals full-time.

Before working toward her own life transition as a Certified Professional Coach and Positive Psychology Consultant, Sarah spent two decades as a human resources professional. Her experience as an HR executive leader allowed Sarah to familiarize herself with the needs and demands of business leaders, their teams, and the individuals behind the titles.

Now, Deliberately You works to unlock clients’ potential with resources designed for both personal and professional development.

Certified Capabilities

Deliberately You is experienced and equipped with frameworks, methods, resources and tools that meet you where you are at and help you get where you want to be.

  • Associate Certified Coach (ACC) with the International Coaching Federation (ICF)
  • Everything DiSC Facilitator
  • VIA Character Strengths Assessment Administrator and Facilitator
  • Certification in Applied Positive Psychology
  • Certified Positive Psychology Consultant & Practitioner
  • Certified Flourishing Skills Group Facilitator

Our Model

In every relationship, we cohesively explore and establish a synergetic approach to obtain desired results. This is done through our “Signal, Explore, and Set Your Course” model.


A client’s signal can be described as something drawing their attention; it lingers on their mind attracting and occupying their attention to various degrees.


Clients are encouraged to stay curious to explore, discover, and acknowledge the additional possibilities and opportunities. 

Set Your Course

Through the client’s exploration, they now take their awareness and discoveries to “set a course” through defining what progress looks like and with a commitment to action.