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Teams, Be Deliberately You

Deliberately You helps teams by first identifying their people, culture, and development priorities — then customizing a plan to achieve the desired progress.

Teams We Work With

  • Teams of Less Than 150 Employees
  • C-Suite
  • HR Leaders
  • Management and Senior Leaders
  • Emerging Leaders
  • Cross-functional teams
  • Organizational Teams, at any level of experience

We specialize in aligning company culture and identifying and maximizing a team’s “secret sauce”. In other words, we leverage the special ingredient that positions your company above the rest, rendering it irresistible. As we identify, develop, and execute team initiatives, we make sure to prioritize the needs and opportunities that positively impact each individual employee.

Getting Started with Skill Building

Deliberately You creates learning experiences and workshops that build your team’s ability to contribute and excel. We have found that when your team learns content and tools together, this commonality creates encouragement, deepens connections and contributes to lasting changes. Here is a sampling of some of our most popular content.

Additionally, we support team members in achieving their potential by adding individual exploration and planning through Coaching—providing a way to incorporate these skills that fits them personally.

Elevate Teaming with DiSC

Incorporate Everything DiSC Workplace onto your team to build stronger communication, fostering connection, prevent conflicts, decrease stressors and increase appreciation for others’ styles and preferences.

Enhancing Communication and Feedback

Forming relationships on a foundation of open healthy communication where one can express ideas, thoughts as well as  share knowledge, experiences and feedback  is invaluable. Explore and adopt methods  to communicate and share feedback with clarity and to create connections.

Fostering Workplace Belonging

We are hardwired to belong! Explore the benefits to your team when a sense of belonging is experienced. Identify ways you can redesign your approach to work relationships to cultivate belonging in how you interact and support each other.

Building Healthy Habits

We are creatures of habit and routine – we have 100s of them. This is beneficial AND we can also find ourselves with habits that are not the best for us – whether for our health – career – relationships. No need to worry, there are ways to align your habits to be the best you!

Optimizing Strengths

Develop your knowledge of your Character Strengths – amplify your top strengths and identify opportunities to put strengths into practice and lean on them to overcome obstacles.

Combating Stress

Understand and manage your energy by incorporating behaviors that boost willpower and brainpower. Identify stressors and learn tools to decrease how these factors impact your productivity, attitude and success.

Trust Building

Committing to establishing and building work relationships with a strong foundation of trust creates favorable results. Discover what contributes to a trusting environment and what you can do to enhance and demonstrate trust.

Gratitude & Appreciation

Positivity is not our brain’s default position although the good news is we can learn to activate positivity. Learn powerful and practical approaches to countering our human negativity bias through gratitude and appreciation.